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Eastec offers wide range of inserts for plastic and different installation method with competitive price . We also produce custom made insert requested by customers.

"Tapered-Lock" inserts is designed to be installed into a hole with a taper at the top. The knurling provides excellent pull-out and torque out performance.
"Straight-Lock" insert is designed into a wide range of thermoplastics. The installation can be done by Heat staking or Ultra-sonics. The opposing knurling provides excellent torque-out and pull-out performance.
"Thermo-Lock" has a sharp helical knurling which can broach into thermo set material.
“Double-Tec”is designed to be installed into a wide range of thermoplatics. The symmetrical ended design allows the operator to place the insert in both directions. The opposing knurling provides best torque-out & pull-out performance among all kind of inserts. This insert should be installed by heat staking.
Min Stress-Lock
“Min Stress-Lock” offers a rounded knurling for notch sensitive amorphous platics. Heat staking is recommended for installation.
“Mini-Tec” is similar to “Double-Tec” but with a miniature design. This insert is designed to be installed into a limited space. Heat Staking or Ultra-sonics is recommended.
“Molded-Tec”offers a blind thread to prevent plastic material from flowing into the thread.
“Thread-Lock” offers a self tapping external thread to be installed into wide range of thermo plastic.
Expansion Fin Lock
“Expansion Fin Lock” is designed for wide range of thermo plastic installation. This is a 'press-in' type insert. During the installation, the insert expands and the fins will be penetrated into the plastic material.
Expansion Diamond-Lock
“Expansion Diamond-Lock” is designed for hard thermo set plastics. This is a “press-in” type insert. During the installation, the insert
expands and the diamond knurling will penetrate into the plastics.
Press In Lock
“Press In Lock”is designed for a free running thread in wide range of thermoplastics. This is a “push-in” type insert. The fin & vertical knurling provides excellent torque-out & push-out performance..
Insert screw
“Insert screw”is designed for wide range of thermoplastics. The function of this type of insert is to create an external thread.
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