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5G Prospect of Eastec Machining

The pace of 5G products has come so fast that it seems like 4G was yesterday, Guys, don't get confused, 5G era is really here.

In fact, the pace of 5G technology doesn’t come quickly at all in our mechanical engineers’ eyes, Eastec- the head office of Beizhun, was the pioneer of metal components supplier in M2M industry, our engineer began to research and develop device parts for IoT from 2010 year. According to industry professional, there were great differences in the definition of the Internet of things in various fields and their titles were different as well. As a special vocabulary, “Internet of things” has three clear definitions: "M2M", "IoT" and "CPS", it also expresses the great inclusiveness of Chinese language; Eastec supported to the customer's research and development for nearly 10 years. It was not until the emergence of 5G communication technology that the problem of information channel obstruction and time-effectiveness with low delay was solved from the material basis level. In a real sense, the Internet of things has also stepped into the stage by creating a better life.

Does this idea represent the beginning of intelligent manufacturing? As a professional machining factory, we are full of curiosity, tension and challenge about the prospect of intelligent manufacturing. Can intelligent manufacturing completely solve the material deformation, stress and uniform problems when encountered in real machining? Can intelligent manufacturing really achieve the realm “Not possible but unexpected”.

The high speed, large capacity and low delay of 5G communication has established the basement for the IoT. Will the coordinated decision of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data overturn the experienced mechanical engineering? Let’s look forward to the test result of practice;

一、 M2Mmachine to machineThe concept of M2M (machine to machine) mainly emphasizes the realization of communication and "end-to-end" connection through the technology of "wireless connection". Eastec company, started from fasteners, has natural warmth and participant passion for the word "connection";

二、 IoT(Internet of Things)IoT is a concept that emphasizes the Internet of everything. Smart device has "network identities" that can be derived into virtual human. In real life, the so-called "star IP" behind the outer form may be a cold device such as PC or cellphone.

三、 CPSCyber Physical System),"Cyber" refers to information system, and "Physical" refers to Physical system, focusing on the real-time and dynamic information feedback and cyclic process between the Physical world and the information world.


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