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commonly speaking, standard hardware include below items but not limited……     下面列出常见五金件名称和多数加工工艺索引……
process technology 常见工艺   key words 术语
machining 机加工 screw and bolt 螺丝和螺栓
stamping 冲压 nuts 螺母
cold forming 冷镦 washer 垫片或芥子
forge 锻造 rivet 铆钉
casting 铸造 clip 挡圈
powder metallurgy 粉末冶金 pin
MIM 金属注射成型 welding
injection molding 注塑 insert 嵌件,螺纹护套
fiber drawing 拉丝 sems and keps 组合螺丝或组合螺母
sand blasting 喷砂 gear 齿轮
heat treat 热处理 coupling 联轴器
plating 电镀 bearing 轴承
powder coating 喷粉 spring 弹簧
turning seal and gasket 密封圈或密封件
milling self-clinching hardware 压铆紧固件
boring standoff or spacer 螺柱
discharge 放电
linear cutting | Wire EDM | WEDM 线割

standard hardware & the concept clarification 标准件或标准五金件 & 概念误区
        standard hardware is not the same meaning with existing parts. It just means the specification is coming from the existing standard and we may treat the standard as a hardware language or dictionary for engineers. Some parts are existing in suppliers' inventory and some parts never been built ever before.
Code Country / Area
GB Guóbiāo China 国标
ISO International Organization for Standardization International 国际标准
DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung Germany 德标
IFI Industrial Fasteners Institute USA 美国工业用紧固件标准
ANSI American National Standards Institute USA 美国国家标准学会
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers USA 美国机械工程师协会
JIS Japanese Industrial Standards Japan 日本工业标准
SN Swiss Norm Swiss 瑞士标准
VSM Verein Schweizerischer Maschinen-Industrieller Swiss 瑞士机械制造商协会
UNI Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione Italy 意大利标准化协会
NFE Norme Francaise France 法国标准
EN European standards Europe 欧标
BSI Britain Standard Institute Britain 英标
GOST R the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology Russia 俄罗斯标准

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