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The Research Report of Chinese Screw-Rotor Industry

In 1934, Swedish professor a. Lysholm invented the         double-screw compressor with non-symmetric gears, In the 1960s, the Swedish SRM developed it into industrial products and put them into mass production in the early 1970s. In China, the leading compressor enterprises began to research and develop screw-air compressor in 1965. In 1970, Shanghai Compressor CO.LTD developed LX65(φ650screw miller successfully, the first screw-miller made in China, the screw OD(Outer Diameter) was at the leading position in the world at that time, the screw miller, made as the same as original type to improve the manufacture, was still used in the process at present;

The initial development of screw compressor in China had the same pace as the international, however, because of the twists and turns of following production and market, we missed to lead the development chance in this field; it didn’t come into being mass production until we lead 2AC,5AC screw miller and other devices from England Holroyd Co., LTD in 1985 year;

Two-screw pump

After carry out the reform and opening-up policy, Chinese industries with machining parts and devices had great progress with the development of international communications, the appearance of virous Sino-foreign joint ventures and cooperation among enterprises. Especially in the 1990s, the domestic screw miller and its accessories began to be put into application, our screw-rotor-processing technology had gotten a large promotion.


However, it has obvious difference between Chinese screw compressor technology in manufacturing and the world’s first-class company, such as screw air compressor, cooling compressor, pump, plastic machinery and other devices, our quality criteria of screw rotor and other core components remains to be raised a higher level urgently. The gap of technology and the threshold of core equipment have become the bottleneck of overall improvement. what’s more, the expensive equipment investment and long selling promotion cycle have become the obstacles of small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is a long-term challenge to explore and improve the process. It is more serious reality that the talents face the competition from other manufacturing and nascent industry. How can basic industries show their attraction such as machinery, and make sure more and more young technicians, engineers and students join their team, it is the primary factor for the development in the industry.


Doushan Screw Milling Machine

The processing of meshing screw is more difficult than extrusion screw. The meshing screw is mainly applied for the field of air compressor, screw pump and vacuum pump. It has“3 high & 3 low” characteristics:“3 High”: high speed, more efficiency, long life-time, “3 low”: small noise, low energy consumption and less pollution. There is a vast market in military and civil industries such as machinery, chemical industry, medical treatment and electronics. Obviously, it is the trend that screw pumps will replace other pumps in the future.


Whirl Milling and Grinding


Shanghai Beizhun Jixie Technology Co., Ltd. has good reserve basement in drive screw industry. Facing the opportunity of innovation and transition, we are willing to explore the market with other participants, get together to research products and try best to contribute us to industrial promotion.


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