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The Ultimate Limit of Eastec, No Click for The Trypophobias

The pursuit of Eastec is “Tiny to micro, Thin as Cicada’s wings, Accurate to touch zero tolerance”, It doesn’t only belong to the times’ summon, but also become true under the great effort of Beizhun’s mechanical engineers; Beizhun’s technology limit challenges from M0.4mm screws, then 0.08mm thickness stainless steel tube to the dense-hole plate with 0.5mm thickness-0.5mm hole distance-0.5mm OD(Outer Diameter), its destination is satisfied to human’s requirement: There’s no best but better; Capillary tubes makes painless injection become reality, fine parts makes each wearable devices and human body implants be possible, the micro-hole steel plate will setup the electromagnetic protection as firewall and eliminate the fear about the potential risk of 5G; Engineers are the earliest experiencers, being obsessive about all kinds of new things; The new technologies pursuing will not and will not be at the expense of human safety and health.

Many engineers in the same industry as Beizhun’s are working tirelessly to change people's lives.

Drawing of Slender Needle PIN


Drawing of Ultra-thin-walled Stainless Steel tube

Drawing of Dense-hole plate

For more information about the rare and bizarre metal components, welcome to visit Suzhou Eastec factory and do more communications;  

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