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Welcome to Eastec

    Eastec founded in Hong Kong since Jan 3rd,2008, has been awarded strategy partner status by several famous OEMs & Contract Manufacturers and MNEs. The ISO certified company has a manufacturing plant in Jiangsu province and we also have 10 alliance factories in eastern China and southern China. Eastec sales office located in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Suzhou currently. To provide better service, we are planning to branch in Belgium, Dongguan, Chengdu and Tianjin...

    "Best service, best price, one stop solution" is the catch phrase used by Eastec, a qualified source for connectors, hardware and other components. Besides manufacturing, Eastec also has a global sourcing team which able to assist our customers to outsource other “C” products which out of our product line. With the wide range of product line, Eastec supplies almost all the components required by EMS, OEM, ODM & CM which includes connectors, fasteners, inserts, stamping parts, plastic parts, die casting, precision milling /turning parts & heat sinks etc. Eastec engineer team is active in new parts design and producing technology innovation. CAD/CAM applications with tools such as Pro-E,Solidworks and AutoCAD.

    As the strategy partner of our valued customers, Eastec provides VMI service to support our customer to achieve zero inventory. Eliminating the traditional business transaction, our VMI program will help you to control your inventory in the most efficient way.

        伊兹德贸易(上海)有限公司 Eastec (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. 是华创机电科技(香港)有限公司 Eastec(Hong Kong) Pte., Limited. 在上海发起设立的独资子公司,成立于2008年1月3日,致力于帮助客户研发,生产精密五金零件(金属/塑胶)。经过多年的成长,有幸成为众多OEM,CM,EMS代工厂和跨国公司的核准供应商。Eastec工厂和10多家外协厂均通过ISO认证并遵照ISO要求规范管控,工厂分布在华东和华南地区。Eastec销售公司位于香港,上海和苏州。为提升服务并贴近客户,Eastec将陆续在比利时,东莞,成都,天津等地设立分公司/办事处。

Sep. 24, 2013 Eastec provide one-stop-station service to world famous transportation customers. we help client achieve stream-line planning and cost saving at the same time.Eastec为世界知名轨道交通客户提供五金零件一站式服务,帮助客户实现了供应链瘦身和降低成本的目标.

pinheadNov. 18, 2013 Eastec successfully design and produce φ1.1mm mini needle with φ0.72mm blind hole for medical industry. more difficult, it must pass skin-penetration test.Eastec为医疗客户成功开发细长针尖,在外径1.1mm的不锈钢丝上加工0.72mm的深孔,针头需要锋利到轻易穿入人体。

High Fin Density Heat SinksOct. 12, 2013 with relieved-teeth milling technology, Eastec produces High-Fin-Density Heat Sinks which on-off radiating thermal-energy.it well using in bath-heater, industry appliance and server etc.Eastec团队开发出新的加工工艺,批量生产High Fin Density Heat Sinks 密齿极速散热器,适用于散热效率高、散热速度快、热辐射范围大的领域。高品质浴霸、工控设备、服务器等领域广泛适用.

Jul. 22, 2011 To make your design easily, Eastec team edit the hardware sorting guide and you may download the guide from Eastec website freely.In the guide, you may get the info how to determine the hardware spec and get the technical data easily. At the same time, Eastec share the main webs and companies info in the guide, you may get the info about below brands listed:
Bossard, TR Formac, Wuerth, PEM, Southco, Tinnerman, Mcmaster-carr, H.a.guden, Captive fasteners, Avk, Richco, Avdel, Helicoil, Cherry, Textron, Raf, Heyco, Thomas&betts, Pop, Freelin-wade, Wiha, Vlier, Keystone, Bivar, Emhart, Accuride, Panduit, Carftech, Microplastics, Spaenaur, Fasteners, Finexpress Fastener, Richard Manno, Liard, Ejot, Pencom, PSM, Pic etc.
Oct. 18, 2010 1m slightness precision tube achieve ID±0.01mm, OD±0.02mm strict tolerance under technical innovation by Eastec team,It may help clients in food, drink and medicine industries etc.
        Eastec may act as sourcing agent for all kinds of automotive components manufactured in China and Eastern Asia.Eastec sourcing experts work in automotive components buying/logistics more than 5 years average. Professional in quality control/ negotiation / logistics /supply chain management and hope we may support the potential clients all over the world.
Car Brand: Audi BMW Mecedes-Benz Honda Peugeot GM Volkswagen Nissan Fiat Toyota Ford Jeep Chrysler Lotus Suzuki Mazda Kia Ssangyong Skoda Volvo Hyundai Citroen Zotye JAC GWM Chery Geely BYD...
Bus Brand:Yutong Kinglong Ankai Zhongtong Higer Shaolin Huanghai JAC Yaxing...
Truck Brand:Isuzu Sinotruck CAMC Futian FAW DFM JAC JMC KAMA GWM...
Jul. 22, 2009  Eastec audit and approve the casting plant, Which are specialized in design and manufacturing of precision mould, compression casting products, precision components for telecom equipment, cell phone parts, electronics & connector parts etc. The minimium hole size and wall thickness may limits within 0.1
milimemter under 0.02 milimeter tolerance when casting mass production. Successfully supply to Motorola, Huawei currently. Eastec are developing d-sub series, switch, shell series etc with the innovation technology to meet with clients cost saving and steady quality standard request. You may find the typical Manufacturing and testing equipments for mould producing and parts building.

Oct 18, 2008  Eastec developed a new product named as 'tooling pin'.
  This product is requested by a famous semi-conductor equipment manufacturer. The performance of tooling pin passed the strict performance test in German company laboratory.

Oct 10, 2008  Eastec plant succeeds in developing ball stud series for automotive customers.

Oct 7, 2008  Eastec samples successfully pass 300 hours salt-fog spray testing in one Telecom giant laboratory. Eastec is listed as the reliable customized parts supplier dedicating in metal and plastic-rubber industry.

Sep 28, 2008  After 2 months difficult technology breakthrough, Eastec successful developed micro screw and nut series, M0.4, M0.6, #000-120 thread and #0000-160 thread screw and nut.
We may provide the special thread tap and thread rolling flat dies under customer request.

Sep 28, 2008  To serve our customer better, Eastec Suzhou office is opening in Sep 28,2008. Telephone No 0512-66039961 and cellphone 158 5145 7211 is for your calling in working time.

Aug 17, 2008  Are you searching nut bar or screw bar? Eastec is the expert in manufacturing high quality & performance nut bar & screw bar.

Aug 8, 2008  Dead stock to clear: We have plenty of custom made heat sinks to clear stock, selling at extremely low price! Interested buyer please drop us a mail.

Jun 5, 2008  Eastec is in the process of developing a new product line: Snap & Hinges, for a well known German music instrument company. These are used for their music instrument's cases/boxes.

May 27, 2008  Eastec officially signed an agreement with a local EMI gasket factory on 26/5/08. They will become our 7th alliance factory to produce EMI shielding gasket & conductive adhesive. Pls contact our sales team for more information.

May 4, 2008  Eastec proudly launches a new product line: Spring series. We supply various kind of precision springs with wire diameter of 0.05mm-8.0mm.

Apr 19, 2008  Mr Gary, director of Connexasia, audited our Changshu plant. He was impressed by our high efficient production.

Apr 2008  Eastec penetrates into medical industry and supplies set screw to the US revolution company in healthcare information technology applications.

Nov 2007  Eastec Changshu plant succeed in developing production line from auto-lathe operation to CNC machining operation recently.
    This will lead us to provide wider product range to our valued customers . In addition, with the CNC capability, we can assist our customers in shorter sampling lead time and increase our capability in producing complicated parts.
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