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Eastec Got 2 hardware parts orders for 5G

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On July 27, 2020, In the cooperation with sales team  supply Eastec chain team,Beizhun engineering team,andproduction team and quality team, since 14:37, July 17  ,we race  against time  and after hard work, complete quotation, negotiation, project demonstration, many times, contract negotiations, and many other fine works, Finally, E&B succeed sign  two parts orders of 5G, and well received the deposit.

Nextly, Eastec team must play the good style of daring to win and the solid effort to solve the difficulties, guarantee the quality, guarantee the delivery time, guarantee the delivery, and keep practical implementation together with the workers, resolutely let the core value of " Quality ·Delivery· Cost· Reputation" deep into the soul of customer trust.

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